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New concept in animal nutrition.


This product has been developed to be added to daily food to trap mycotoxins formed in cereals.

It is a natural, organogenic and sedimentary in use compound called Fuller's earth, which enables the absorption of mycotoxins, thus preventing a harmful effect and its final discharge in feces.
Apart from improving digestion, it sustains and balances bowel transit.

Said toxins are the result of secondary metabolism resulting from the infestation of fungi before and after grain harvest.

Non contaminant natural product manufactured from a Diatom composition coated and cemented with pyrophyllite at a 75 and 25 % ratio.

ADSOR MIC's main action is to trap toxins. This product is added to daily food to trap mycotoxin formed in cereals and afterwards discharged in the feces.

Si2O --- 68.83%
Al2O3 --- 10,83%
Fe2O3 --- 5,19%
TiO2 --- 0,46%
CaO --- 2,79%
MgO --- 0,18%
Na2O --- 0,01%
K2O --- 0,85%
SO3 --- 0,18%
P2O5 --- 0,04%
Calcination loss at 1832° F --- 10.17%

The product is scattered thus becoming a gel which helps digestion given that it encapsulates the toxins, which are then eliminated in the feces.

It is added to cereals or balance food during mixing. Use this product under the supervision of a professional depending on the level of existing toxins.

1. When there exists the threat or the suspicion of toxic contaminants on grains.
2. In areas or seasons of relative high humidity.
3. When the grain has a higher humidity than the desired one (over 12-14%).
4. When the grains have been stored for long periods and in poor storing conditions.
5. The product is added to balance food for poultry, pigs, horses, cattle at any stage of manufacture.

Use between 6 to 13oz. of the product per tone of balance food, depending on the level of existing toxins.

Keep the bag close, in a cool (temperature between 41°F and 86°F) and dry place.

25 kgs. (55 lb. Net Weight)
600 kgs. (2204 lb. Net Weight)

600 Kg. 25 Kg.

6 units x 2 kgs.
6 units x 4 kgs.

81 packs x 6 units x 2 kgs.
40 packs x 6 units x 4 kgs.